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culture wedge podcast – if it bleeds, we can kill it: episode 5

On this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd sits down with Culture Wege contributor and Detroit artist Erichka Ilich, who is fillin in for Trev as co-host while he was cavorting around San Diego Comic-Con.  They … Continue reading

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a pictorial essay on g-fest 2011

For those who don’t know, G-Fest is the annual Godzilla convention held in Chicago.  It celebrates all things relating to Japanese science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  This is a photographic summary of the events that took place on July 15, … Continue reading

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it’s freedom time, bitches!!

Tomorrow is July 4th, that annual time of year when we as Americans ignore the numerous crippling problems with our own country, and instead pat ourselves on the back for being so freaking awesome and better than everyone else. I’ll … Continue reading

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