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avengers talk: man, that agent coulson sure is full of himself, huh?

If you’re one of the ten or eleven people that still haven’t seen The Avengers yet, but do intend to, do yourself a favor and skip this column, cause we’re getting into heavy spoiler territory. If, however, you’ve already seen … Continue reading

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a look at x-men schism so far (with spoilers)

Mutant comics have come around again for their BIG story of the year. This story has a lot of consequences with it for being a smaller event (5 issues of Schism and 2 issues in Generation Hope). After years of … Continue reading

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borders group 1971-2011

Well this sucks. Borders has announced that they will be liquidating all of their stores. Around 700 stores will be closing (including Borders Express, Waldenbooks, and Airport stores), and around 19,500 employees will lose their jobs. Yeah, this really sucks. … Continue reading

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