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Pedobear vs. Ted: A Deadliest Warrior Showdown

Historically, teddy bears have been viewed rather positively.  They’re cuddly, soft, cute, and they can protect our children from the boogie monster.  However, times are changing, and in contemporary society, teddy bears are starting to become rather wicked. For over … Continue reading

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a pictorial essay on g-fest 2011

For those who don’t know, G-Fest is the annual Godzilla convention held in Chicago.  It celebrates all things relating to Japanese science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  This is a photographic summary of the events that took place on July 15, … Continue reading

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borders group 1971-2011

Well this sucks. Borders has announced that they will be liquidating all of their stores. Around 700 stores will be closing (including Borders Express, Waldenbooks, and Airport stores), and around 19,500 employees will lose their jobs. Yeah, this really sucks. … Continue reading

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conquering america, one pedobear at a time

In the wake of the worst economic catastrophe in American history since the Great Depression, concerns over the nation’s global supremacy began to emerge in the minds of people.  To us, the primary contenders for America’s heavyweight title are the juggernauts … Continue reading

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