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Graphic Designer by day, keeping the streets clean by night. I'm into baseball, ads, movies, and books.

london bridges…

So as you’ve no doubt heard by now, the city of London has been going through some problems. Mainly, rioting. It’s been out of control over there, which led the London Metropolitan Police to put up this poster all around … Continue reading

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spoofing skittles

Ok, right off the bat, this video is NSFW. I repeat: NSFW. It’s a spoof on skittles that’s been making it’s rounds on the internet. I got it from Twitter through copyranter, and I’ve seen it on, and … Continue reading

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too soon?

Way to go City Market Deli. Way to go.

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about. f*cking. time.

Here at Culture Wedge, we like baseball. We like good baseball. Most of us are located in Michigan, so we’ve had it engraved into our heads early on to root for the Tigers. We’ve been through enough shitty baseball teams. … Continue reading

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borders group 1971-2011

Well this sucks. Borders has announced that they will be liquidating all of their stores. Around 700 stores will be closing (including Borders Express, Waldenbooks, and Airport stores), and around 19,500 employees will lose their jobs. Yeah, this really sucks. … Continue reading

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baseball’s second half

Well, the first half is officially over, and the second half of baseball is underway with the completion of the all star game. The National League came out victorious against the American League thanks in help to Prince Fielder’s 3 … Continue reading

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this play will change your life

Mormon’s are cool, right? There is this musical going on right now in New York City at the Eugene O’Neill Theater that is the toughest ticket to get. It’s sold out for months, and it won’t tour until December of … Continue reading

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the good, the bad, and the toshiba zombies

I was sitting around thinking of what to do this column on this week, and Brad’s article on Carl Jr’s robotic future inspired me. There was a Toshiba ad I saw during a rerun of an episode of Boy Meets … Continue reading

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reason why Star Wars is awesome #5,483

I just came across this today on AOL. Zev and Frani Esquenazi are Star Wars fans. Not just regular Star Wars fans, dedicated ones. They build props, recreate costumes, and they’ve named their 4 month old daughter after Princess Leia … Continue reading

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the good, the bad, the wizards

So there I was, looking through the site yesterday, and I noticed there was a lack of articles and posts in the art category. (Travesty!) In fact, there are zero. None. So, it’s my job to fix that. I’ll be … Continue reading

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