My Favorite TV Scenes of 2012


This scene didn’t make it, but foreshadowed a lot of awesome

It’s still January, so I can still post lists right?  In that vein I’m posting my list of my favorite scenes from TV in the past year.  I’m limiting myself to one per series (so this entire list doesn’t become full of Archer and Game of Thrones)…so here goes….oh and SPOILERS (duh)

5. Pillows vs. Blankets (Community)

Community is a show that’s still very unappreciated in the mainstream.  It’s the smartest sitcom on TV, and yet when it comes to “nerd shows” more people identify with “The Big Bang Theory” (which disgusts me to no end).  For people who watch and know how great Community is, it was hard picking a scene from a strong third season.  I went with this one from my favorite episode of Community in 2012 (“Remedial Chaos Theory”, which was the best episode of the season, aired in 2011) which told the story of Abed and Troy’s Pillowfort vs. Blanketfort in Ken Burns documentary style.  Leading to this…

Brad likes this. A lot.

Community Honorable Mention:

Abed and Troy Play Good Cop/Bad Cop

Another theme episode of Community (this time going after Law and Order) gives us this fantastic scene


4. Michonne vs. The Governor (The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead’s third season got off to a solid first half, introducing Michonne and The Governor and having their half season arc end in a bloody confrontation that left a permanent mark both emotionally and physically on The Governor.  It was scene that provided a great payoff to the dynamic that they built over the 8 episodes with Michonne and The Governor, and hopefully they can continue this momentum in the 2nd half of the third season. Plus glass meeting an eye is always awesome.

The Walking Dead Honorable Mention

Rick’s Prison Rampage


So Lori’s dead and Rick does what any sane man would do…he fucking loses it and goes on a zombie rampage in the prison.  Not only does he decapitate a great deal of zombies (using an ax no less), he also crazily attacks Glen as he tries to stop Rick’s blood soaked carnage.  To end it all he finds where Lori’s body was, finds the zombie who ate her, shoots him in the face and then stabs him repeatedly in the stomach with a knife.  This was just awesome.  And also an excuse to post this…


Which leads nicely into #3….

3. Archer and Burt Ride the Elevator (Archer)

archerFor some reason this video doesn’t exist on the internet, but I feel like this scene pretty much describes what makes Archer so awesome.  Archer and his hero, Burt Reynolds, are on the way to help the other member’s of ISIS outrun a Cuban hit squad, but first have a fantastic conversation in Archer’s slow moving apartment elevator.  Here’s the transcript:

Burt:  You’re kidding me…
Archer: I know… drives me nuts… like the world’s slowest elevator.
Burt:  You should get a bat-pole.
Archer: Nine thousand bucks.
Burt: What?
Archer: Lowest quote I got.
Burt: Well that’s ridiculous.
Archer: Basically just putting a pole where the garbage chute already is, but the co-op board was like “but what do we do with the garbage?”
Burt: Yeah but you could still throw it down the… whatever… the same shaft.
Archer: I know!
Burt: And then you’ll have some garbage to land on.
Archer: If you’re coming in hot, I know. It’s a win-win.
Burt: And you were gonna pay for it yourself…
Archer: Yep.
Burt: No assessment or anything.
Archer: Yep.
Burt: Ridiculous.
Archer: Preaching to the choir buddy.

If you’ve never seen this episode, do yourself a favor and snag Season 3 on Blu-Ray.  Such a great show.

Archer Honorable Mention

Archer and Babou

Archer converses with, then berates, Babou the Ocelot.  Enjoy.

I could pick all day from Archer.  The show is just that good.

2. Down by the River (Breaking Bad)



In an epic first half to Season 5, Breaking Bad continues to show why it’s one of the best dramas on television.  This scene fully encapsulates the relationship between Walter and Mike and while the pay off itself isn’t really that shocking, the scene provides a lot of emotion, which has been a hallmark of the series so far.  As we head towards the end of an amazing series, it’s scenes like this that I’ll always remember.

Breaking Bad Honorable Mention

Jesse Comes to Dinner

Right after Walt gave Jesse the speech with the famous line, “I’m in the empire business,” Skylar walks into the house and Walt decides to invite Jesse to an impromptu dinner party at the White house.  What follows is hilariously awkward and also quite telling scene between three of Breaking Bad’s central characters.  Those are some great green beans apparently…

1. Tyrion’s Speech During the Battle of Blackwater (Game of Thrones)

And I saved the best for last…this is easily the best scene from the best episode of any show on TV this season.  Not only does it show the cowardice of King Joffrey (easily the best villain on TV) but it’s also the point where Tyrion takes the mantle knowing that if he doesn’t do something King’s Landing will fall and he and his family will be killed.  It’s a fantastically done moment and watching it again still gives me chills

Game of Thrones Honorable Mention: 

Joffrey & The Whores

You know why he’s such a good villain?  Scenes like this…

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