all male review: the dorito taco


I am no fan of tacos. Never have been, and don’t get me started on the foul smelling Fish Taco. Since I was a young boy I have always found myself more satisfied by wrapping my lips around a nice warm, plump hot dog. Sure there was a time in college when I tried a taco here and there after a night of long night of drinking, but it just isn’t for me…. until I met the Dorito Taco from Taco Bell.

 I am a fanatic of Doritos and instantly became intrigued by this new taco concoction. I recently purchased said taco from a local Taco Bell in my village. The taco was wrapped in an adorable Dorito advertisement and I couldn’t wait to try it. It has been so long since I ate a taco I honestly forgot the proper technique. I have heard stories from some cute frat boys in town that they got sore necks from eating tacos so long, so I remembered that I had to tilt my head and neck vertically to properly eat it. Needless to say the great taco crunch brought a smile to my face. As I shoved deeper into my vertical smile I noticed I had Dorito residue on my fingers, just as if I was eating straight out of a Dorito bag! When you are finished eating the taco you will have to lick your fingers dry of the taco residue or else you could embarrass yourself by accidently getting the residue on your clothes.

Taco Bell offers standard Dorito Tacos or a Supreme, I highly recommend the standard. To me the Supreme has too much stuff on it and it becomes a sloppy mess, and there is nothing worse than sticking your face into a sloppy taco. At the end of the day I may still be going back for my hot Italian Sausage, but I can now respect and understand why so many young men like eating tacos. I give the Dorito Taco a more than desirable rating of an 8 and a half!

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