Bill Pullman vs Bill Paxton

Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton share more in common than just their similar names. They happen to be the most controversial and sexually provocative actors of our generation. The two have headlined some of Hollywood’s biggest films over the last 3 decades, including mega blockbusters such as: Club Dread, Thunderbirds, Titan AE, Mr. Wrong and Vertical Limit. We here at want to know one thing….. Are you on Team Paxton or Team Pullman?

While both are widely considered to be Sex Symbols, Bill Pullman is clearly the more attractive of the two, and in his younger days was considered a Teen Heartthrob. Pullman is best known for his work in the 1995 cult classic “Casper”. His outstanding performance was so convincing that he was offered one of the lead roles in “Independence Day” and then moved into Hollywood Superstardom.

While most of Pullmans fans are teenage females, he is still popular amongst males. His manly appeal is likely a result of his rugged physique and the way he can portray a real Man’s Man. Yet he is sensitive and charming enough to win over all the females. Members of Team Pullman are all in agreement, they want their Hollywood Celebrities to be very articulate and respected actors with devilishly good looks.


Bill Paxton on the other hand, is Hollywood’s Bad Boy. He says what he wants, when he wants. A loose cannon and a straight shooter, nobody is safe from Bill Paxton. Bill Paxton has been described as “Shaq’s Dick on Steroids”. He was rumored to have eaten 18 Hot Dogs in 1 sitting while on the set of True Lies. While he has not retired from acting he has lately focused on more important things in his life, such as banging bitches.

Bill Paxton is that edgy, hardnosed kind of Celebrity we yearn for in this day and age of Political Correctness. He is more of a Rock Star without the music. His Acting ability is off the charts as well. Just check out his amazing performance from “Weird Science”

As you can see, Paxton will not play second fiddle to Pullman anytime soon. These two have been battling for Hollywood supremacy for decades and the fight isn’t going to end anytime soon. Film Fanatics like you will in time ultimately decide who will go down into the record books as the Greatest Actor of All Time.

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6 Responses to Bill Pullman vs Bill Paxton

  1. Trev says:

    Team Paxton, all the way.

  2. Cory Vowell says:

    I’ve often said that if I could have a second uncle – aside from my mother’s brother David – I would want none other than Bill Paxton. He is the only actor in history who could have delivered the line “…ass like a ten year old boy” (in reference to Sigourney Weaver) without being castrated.

    “I am the ultimate badass; state of the badass art. You do NOT want to fuck with me.” -Bill Paxton

  3. Justin says:

    whoa, whoa, whoa, fellas. it’s all about team pullman. i like my actors to be very articulate.

  4. Amanda says:

    Team Paxton all the way!! #gameoverman

  5. I love my Paxton… lol

  6. Amanda says:

    Team Pullman, with his ways of bringing the characters he portrays with a sense of charisma & as stated, articulately. On the plus side, he is handsome ❤

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