Grading the WWE PPV’s of 2011 (so far)

A breakdown of all the WWE PPV events in 2011 thus far, including the positives and negatives of each show. Which one’s were worth the money to order and which are worth purchasing the DVD. CultureWedge Writer MusclesMahoney gives a grade to all the events…

Royal Rumble
The first ever 40 man Royal Rumble! Awesome, this is always my favorite event of the year, and now we get 10 more guys. I couldn’t wait. The only other matches were the 2 World Title matches: Ziggler vs Edge and Miz vs Orton, plus the diva’s match. The Rumble itself was good but not great. There was a lot of dead time in the ring without a lot of superstars. I miss the days when there would constantly be 6-9 guys in the ring at once. In this match The New Nexus took control of the ring and eliminated superstars as soon as they came into the ring, then Cena cleared them out and did the same thing. I miss seeing 5 or 6 guys gang up on a big guy in the corner to eliminate him, but I don’t want to grip about this too much. It was worth the price of admission and any Royal Rumble is a worthy DVD purchase.


+Awesome ending where Santino came out of nowhere as the last man eliminated in the Rumble.

+Ziggler vs Edge match was excellent. The Ziggler vs Edge feud was a lot better than most gave it credit for

+Cena didn’t win


-Forgettable WWE title match

-Dead time in the ring during the rumble

Overall Grade: B+

 Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber was an excellent follow up to a very good Royal Rumble. The only problem with the Chamber PPV this year was the predictability of the event. After Del Rio won the Rumble we pretty much knew what was going to happen at the Elimination Chamber, and we were right. The Chamber Matches however, were spectacular and worth the price of the PPV.

+Raw and Smackdown Chamber matches were fantastic

+Lawler vs Miz was a surprisingly decent match to watch

+Drew McIntyre and John Morrison stole the show in their respective matches

-Very predictable card

-Cena Wins….. Again

Overall Grade: A-

Wrestlemania 27

Wrestlemania always has a hard time living up to the immense amount of hype that builds it up. This year was no different, and the pressure was on with The Rock returning to WWE to host the event. There were 3 Main Event matches, 2 were excellent matches and the 3rd was a stinker but had a fantastic outcome. Wresletmania also turned out to be Edge’s last match and most were happy to see him go out on a victory, but I always think that Wrestlers like to lose their last match. All the great one’s go out with a loss, so I think that if they knew this was his last match he probably would have lost. Triple H and Undertaker had a great hardcore style match, and The Miz beat Cena in the main event. Unfortunately the ending was a set up for next years Wrestlemania (lame) and the match itself stunk. Wrestlemania is always worth the price of the PPV just because of the hype and magnitude of the event, but I won’t be watching this event again anytime soon

+Edge vs Del Rio was an excellent match

+The Rock cost Cena the title

+Undertaker and Triple H stole the show

-Lawler vs Cole

-Weak Main Event, plus it was a set up for next year

-4 Hours is too long for a PPV

Overall Grade: C+

 Extreme Rules

A gimmick PPV. I like gimmick PPV’s tho, Ladder Matches and Table Matches are my favorite. Plus a triple threat Cage match is always cool to see. Christian won his first real World Championship (ECW doesn’t count) in a great ladder match vs Del Rio. Kofi and Sheamus had a great ending in their table match when Kofi took a huge leap off the top rope to put Sheamus thru the table set up ringside. John Morrison delivered Starship Pain off the top of the cage. Lot’s of cool spots and a pretty decent overall PPV, but I probably wont be in a rush to buy the DVD.

+Lot’s of good matches

+Bin Laden announced dead at the end of the show

+Christian Win’s first World Title

-Wrestlemania Rematches

-Cena Wins

-Announcers wrestle again

Overall Grade: B

 Over the Limit
This was a pretty forgettable PPV and the Main Event was another Wrestlemania rematch. Another typical Superman performance by Cena to win the WWE title over the Miz in an “I QUIT match”. I cant stand the fact that Cena will never tap out or say I QUIT. No matches stuck out as really great or must see matches, but there was some solid wrestling here and there. I wont be buying this PPV on DVD. This was not worth the 50 dollars we paid to see.

+Truth starts to get his much deserved Heel Push

+Orton vs Christian is a good match (better get used to seeing them wrestle)
-Sin Cara botches the ending of his match with Chavo

-I paid to watch Chavo on a PPV?

-Cena win’s Superman style

-Announcers wrestle again

Overall Grade: D+

 Capitol Punishment

R-Truth has been the best heel in 2011, and he gets rewarded with a Main Event match vs. Cena on a PPV. The promo’s leading into the match were fantastic. Truth deserved this moment, unfortunately after the match he was put into mid-card status. The match itself was solid but we all knew Cena was going to win. I did like the fact that Lil Jimmy cost Truth the match when a kid in the front row splashed water in his face. Orton and Christian had another good match, so did Mysterio and Punk. It was a solid PPV but nothing I would watch again.

+Heel Truth in the Main Event

+Mostly decent matches all the way

-Miz puts Riley over

-Ezekiel Jackson wins the IC Title over Barret

-Cena Wins

Overall Grade: C

 Money in the Bank

The best PPV of the year…. Hands Down. The best promo’s leading into a PPV this year….. Hands Down. Cena vs CM Punk was the best match of the year…… maybe in the last 5 years. Not to mention we got 2 awesome Money in the Bank matches, including a win by internet darling Daniel Bryan. Sheamus started his face turn after he threw Sin Cara thru a ladder. The Crowd in Chicago was epic, this was the best PPV I have ordered in recent memory. I will be buying the DVD for this in the near future because I would love to watch this again and again.

+Punk over Cena in the match of the year

+Best Promos leading into a PPV

+Del Rio rips off Mysterio’s mask to win Raw MitB

+Christian vs Orton was a great match

-Only negative is the Christian vs Orton feud is getting stale at this point

Overall Grade: A+


Money in the Bank was such a success, the Monday Night Raw’s leading into MitB were all amazing…. Then it all kinda went in reverse. Now we have 2 Champions? Cena has the belt for some reason? Kinda lame but whatever, this had me interested going into the show because I had no idea which direction WWE was going in. The PPV turned out to be a bomb. What a disappointment. The lamest PPV of the year and then it had a jumbled mess at the end of the main event including the return of Kevin Nash for some reason.

+Del Rio Cashes in the MitB

+Christian vs Orton is a great match

+It is kind of interesting to see where WWE goes from here?

-The main event was a disaster

-Christian vs Orton is getting way to old. End the feud please!

-Sheamus puts Mark Henry over

Overall Grade: D-

 Night of Champions

All new feuds sparked my interest in this PPV. Cena vs Del Rio, Punk vs Triple H, plus Miz and Truth are a team and work very well together. I thought for sure this was going to be a great show. It was far from great but not as terrible, better than Summerslam. The opening match was hilarious between Awesome Truth and Air Boom, but the main event turned out to be another jumbled mess with Nash, Awesome Truth and Laurinitas. The Triple H vs Punk match was solid tho, but the story telling was weak. Del Rio loses his WWE title to Cena after holding onto it for only a month.

+Good Main Event Match

+Truth and Miz were great in the entire show

-Messy Ending

-Mark Henry wins his first title

-Cena wins the WWE title

Overall Grade: C


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