a look at x-men schism so far (with spoilers)

Mutant comics have come around again for their BIG story of the year. This story has a lot of consequences with it for being a smaller event (5 issues of Schism and 2 issues in Generation Hope). After years of uniting all of mutantkind and creating Utopia for them to live on, this series has been advertised as the story to split the mutant community. It is going to lead to the cancellation of the flagship Uncanny X-Men, and lead into a reboot with a book of the same name and a new book, Wolverine and the X-Men. After the success of last years event Second Coming, what great adversary would give everyone’s favorite team of freaks this big and powerful of an impact?

Kids. Little kids. Genius little kids. . . . (goddamn comics)

So the story starts with Cyclops getting Wolverine to accompany him to an arms control conference with the U.N. so he can talk about disarming all of the Sentinels left in the world. They are interrupted by Kid Omega who uses his telepathy to make all of the world’s leaders tell their deepest darkest secrets live on tv. Wolverine wants to go after Kid Omega but Cyclops tells him not to. Needless to say all the world leaders get scared and get all of their Sentinels up and running. With so few mutants left in the world they see what baseline humans can be capable of when afraid. They see their days truly numbered now.

Sounds great so far right? Well here is where it starts to suck. The US manufacturer of the Sentinels, Carlton Kilgore, is getting a lot of worldwide business now. As his car flies away (?) his young son, Kade Kilgore, is sitting in front of him unknown to his father. Kade pulls a gun on his dad and tells him he owns all of his company’s stock now and everything his father owned. Then he shoots him as he falls out of the flying car (?). Kade is not a mutant. Just a 12-year-old kid. A super smart one who has put this whole plan together. He is the one who freed Kid Omega from his stasis chamber and let him loose. He controls the Sentinel business now, but all of the Sentinels are defective. None of them work right because they have been in storage for so long. One thing Kade also inherited is being leader of the Hellfire Club. He has some friends that are little kids also that kill aliens and steal creatures from them. Then they dress up as Hellfire Club guards and blow up a mutant museum.

A big problem I have with the story is all of the build up to the Sentinels they made (a lot of the promos had Sentinels or Sentinel parts scattered around). With so few mutants left and most of them being on the island of Utopia, the story seemed to be going in a great direction. Then right away none of the Sentinels work, and it makes Kade Kilgore and his little kid friends the main adversary for the X-Men.

Smart little kids in the movies, tv, or in comics are so infuriating. Especially when they are first time characters and they are smarter and better than the characters you’ve loved for a long time. The big difference between smart kids in the movies and smart kids in comics is the kids in the comics are completely made up. At least if you run into Jake Lloyd you can punch him for ruining Star Wars. Kids in comics are just drawings. incorporating the Hellfire kids into this story seems almost troubling. Everything that is happening is so random, but it goes back to Kade and “everything is going according to plan.”

This leads to my biggest problem with the story. Every single person working on this arc has loads of talent! The art has been great. They even got a different (and really outstanding if I may add) artist for each of the 5 issues of Schism. Jason Aaron is writing and he is a kick ass writer. So why is this story so underwhelming? The more you read on the more it seems to go into the wrong direction.
I guess they just need to write Fantomex in and let him meet the kids. Remember what happened last time he came across a little kid?

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