spoofing skittles

Ok, right off the bat, this video is NSFW. I repeat: NSFW. It’s a spoof on skittles that’s been making it’s rounds on the internet. I got it from Twitter through copyranter, and I’ve seen it on Adsoftheworld.com, and BostonBarstoolSports.com. Click on if you wanna see it.


First, this is awesome. Secondly, you’d think Skittles/Wrigley would have come out and put a stop to this. Put out a Cease and Desist letter or something. It’s been a couple of days, and to my knowledge they haven’t yet. Hell, the website for it is still up. The only thing I can think of is that Skittles is liking the attention. The video is getting close to 500,000 hits (currently at 487,000), and yes, people, including us, are talking about it. So, I guess the question is, does Skittles/Wrigley come out looking foolish for letting this vulgar of a spoof stay up, or are they smart for letting this stay up and just go with all the free advertising?

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Graphic Designer by day, keeping the streets clean by night. I'm into baseball, ads, movies, and books.
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