culture wedge: hell in a podcast – episode 3


Brad and Trev breakdown an amazing Money in the Bank PPV.  They discuss the future of CM Punk, why John Cena isn’t all so bad, and why Randy Orton shouldn’t just kick someone in the dick. Also they discuss the winners of the two Money in the Bank matches and gloss over Mark Henry and the Divas as well.


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I love what I love and I am who I am. I'm a nerd. Don't like it? Oh well.
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1 Response to culture wedge: hell in a podcast – episode 3

  1. Weirdo! ok let me explain my Alex Riley pick…. after Miz cashed in his MitB they would always show A-Ry carrying a blank briefcase…. I still think that A-Ry is gonna get a push as a face, and having the briefcase would give him credibility and allow them to build him up over the next few months, I thought he was gonna sit on the briefcase for a long time… plus the Miz put him over twice in the last couple weeks… and i didnt think Del Rio or Miz really needed MitB to get a main event push. Del Rio won the #1 contender match a few weeks ago, so he could have played that angle

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