road trip!

File photo of culture wedge staff (Muscles is the one with the headband)

I’m writing this post as I sit in the San Jose airport with 50 minutes to go until I board the first of two flights that will land me back in Detroit, which is where most of the culture wedge writers reside. As such this will allow us to ALL COME TOGETHER OMG!!! That means some exciting things are in store at the site. Since I’ve already covered how much I HATE the airport I figure it’s a good time to give you a quick rundown of some things coming up in the coming days…

Hell in a Podcast: WWE Money in the Bank Roundtable

Barring any crazy technical snafus we will be recording our epic WWE roundtable podcast sometime tomorrow afternoon. Listen as we break down what we think will go down at WWE Money in the Bank, wax poetic about how great CM Punk is, and probably make fun of Dave for liking Jack Swagger. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Hopefully she doesn't dress like this in the Bond movie...

If it Bleeds, We Can Kill It Podcast

Now I can’t confirm this, but you may be getting TWO new episodes of Trev and Byrd’s crazy podcast this week. I can say that it looks like on Monday, I will be making a guest appearance (and possible more will join as well!) and we will discuss many topics including the new Moneypenny (SHE’S BLACK…OMG!) and probably the new Dark Knight trailer. Maybe Byrd and I will come to blows over Harry Potter. Who knows?

San Diego Comic-Con

And finally next week three of us (Trev, Mike and myself) will make our now yearly trek to San Diego for only the biggest nerd gathering of the year. If we’re not in jail for stalking Robert Kirkman or Steve Spielberg we’ll write some stuff and do some podcasts from the big event. COMICS! TV! MOVIES! ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT!

So that’s what should be coming to the site in the upcoming days. That and maybe Ian will write about how he ran like a scared girl from some bulls in Spain or something. Either way be sure to check out the site often! You’ve got nothing else better to do right?

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I love what I love and I am who I am. I'm a nerd. Don't like it? Oh well.
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