baseball’s second half

He'll never be as good as Cecil

Well, the first half is officially over, and the second half of baseball is underway with the completion of the all star game. The National League came out victorious against the American League thanks in help to Prince Fielder’s 3 run shot. They now own home field advantage for the World Series. Because that makes sense.

So, here’s what to look forward to in the second half of baseball’s season, and then some predictions of what I think will happen.

The July 31st Trade Deadline
Usually, the MLB trade deadline is the most busiest of the 4 major sports. Every once in awhile, the NHL or the NBA will have big deadlines, but consistently, the MLB is the one to look out for. Not an hour after the all star game ended, a trade was already completed. Francisco Rodriguez was dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Seattle and Cleveland become buyers, given their great first halves. Are they willing to give up some younger pieces to acquire some vets to put them over the top, seeing as they are still (kind of) in the rebuilding process. Or will they stand pat, and ride out the rest of the year and see if what they got can get them into the playoffs.

Also, where will the likes of Carlos Beltran, Aramis Ramirez, and Wandy Rodriguez land? And what other names will be moved? It’ll also be interesting to see if someone overpays, (there’s usually one a year), to get someone they believe will put them over the top.

Division Races
There are so many close division races going on right now. I love it. Boston is a game up on the Yanks, Detroit is a half game up on Cleveland, and Texas is only one game up on the Angles. And that is just the AL. In the NL, Philly and San Fran are both 3 games up in their respective divisions, and there are 3 teams (St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. Yes, Pittsburgh) separated by one game in the Central.

With so many standings so close, each and every series from here on out becomes more and more important. Which means (hopefully for my home team) better baseball. The games will become more intense, players will be showing more passion, and who knows, maybe more of this:

Cy Young Race
This is turning out to be one of the best races of all time. This is like last years Oscar race. Lots of great movies, most of which would clean house any other year, but got stuck all happening the same year. That’s what these pitchers are going through. Jared Weaver would have the Cy Young locked up if it weren’t for Justin Verlander, Josh Beckett, and CC Sabathia. Same goes for Jiar Jurrjens (It still eats me up that the Tigers gave him up for this guy). Except he has Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Clayton Kershaw to go against. Oh, and I forgot to mention players such as James Shields, Dan Haren, Cole Hamels, David Price, and Tommy Hanson. Prepare for a lot of low scoring games the rest of the way.

Here’s what I think is going to happen the rest of the way.
AL Playoff Teams: Boston, Detroit, Anaheim, and New York
NL Playoff Teams: Philly, Milwaukee, SF, and Atlanta
World Series: Milwaukee over New York in 7
MVP’s: Adrien Gonzalez, and Prince Fielder
Cy Young’s: Justin Verlander and Roy Halladay

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3 Responses to baseball’s second half

  1. Mark Kroeger says:

    Justin, boring. Boring. Boring. This is corned beef hash when I want steak! Not sure how you made it through the snooze fest that is the “All Star Game” which was without many of baseball’s top/most popular players. Aaron Crow – gag. I’m not even sure how you cared enough to look up the box score.
    That aside, the trade deadline decisions of Seattle(seller, with no name to sell) and Cleveland(buyer) are unimportant. Seattle has no plans to make a move this year unless another club over values a name and will continue to plan for the future. Cleveland will finish third if not fourth and will have made the decision to sell a name for prospects a week after second half play resumes. They’re really good at that, sincerely CC for LaPorta package.
    Carlos Beltran is old and one slide away from his kneecap working it’s way into his AC joint(shoulder) and totally ruining his swing. Aramis likes to hit in the hot Chicago weather and is a notorious K machine. THE BIG NAME you presented will be coughed but more appropriately, choked on. *COUGH W-Rod COUGH* Should be ND-Rod as he provides solid starts but doesn’t produce wins; He might actually be the most valuable of your big three.
    As races go, the NL and AL Central are both second, only to the piss poor NL and AL West races. Both could inspire a jobless heroin addict to find hope and excitement in their lives. Remaining devoid of home team bias, I couldn’t care less who comes out on top in any of those falter, stumble and topple to the finish line races(?).
    Pointless. The Cy Young is pointless. What does it matter who the “best pitcher” is when the award doesn’t go to the best pitcher? Pitchers with great stats, piloting top teams are rewarded while votes will be scarce for those who headline the bottom feeders. Let’s cite: Kershaw/Weaver in the home and home freeway series. Those who watched saw who the best PITCHER was.
    In conclusion, I would like it if you were to write on more meaty subjects. The AL and NL both have some nice rookies to report on – “Second half swoons for 6/11 call ups?” How bout’ the average but disappointing career of Matt Weiters thus far. “Weiters Wafers: Superstar or Rob Deer?” And why not do a little Culture Wedge reporting on Sean Burroughs? “Sean’s Sliding Stains” Thanks for your future consideration, you awful suck-fish of a writer.

    Best wishes,

    The Kroeger O

  2. damn, you got served

  3. you missed 4 playoff teams

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