top 10 game franchises we want to see reborn

Video Games are notorious for shelling out as many sequels as possible for good games, almost to a fault. Many game franchises have gone on for far too long… *ahem Tomb Raider*. We here at Culture Wedge feel that some game franchises need to be reborn with some sequels or dive into the new console generation to try to recreate the magic.  I’m sure you have your favorite NES or Sega game that could fit this list, maybe Kid Chameleon? Leave a comment and discuss, lists are meant for discussion. This list is my list, and maybe with some luck we will get some new games.

10. Dino Crisis

The last time we saw Dino Crisis we got a shitty game for the Xbox. It did the originals no justice. In the playstation days when we got nothing but car combat games and survival horror games, Dino Crisis stood out, which was hard to do in an over crowded genre. I loved battling Dinosaurs with low ammunition and feel that with some new graphics and a little bit of effort, a new Dino Crisis could push Dead Space as the best survival horror franchise.

9. Full Spectrum Warrior

2 games were made in this franchise on the last console generation. Army games are a dime a dozen, and with Call of Duty around its hard to get noticed. Full Spectrum Warrior was not a shooter, it was a strategy game. The games had great stories and required a lot of thinking to advance. It wasn’t too difficult but it wasn’t easy. The game play was very addictive and had great graphics for its time. A new Full Spectrum Warrior would greatly be appreciated to push the constantly disappointing Brothers in Arms series.

8. Sewer Shark

I’ll admit, this game is awful now. In the mid-90’s we got a ton of rail shooters mixed in with live action video. They were usually pretty shitty, but we played them anyways. Remember Mad Dog?…. well, Sewer Shark has enough of that nostalgic X factor to make me wish they would make a sequel. Sega CD was awful but we loved Sewer Shark

7. Psychonauts

True video game nerds have played and loved Psychonauts. Released on the last console generation the game had awesome game play, a great story and it was Hilarious. Unfortunately they game did not sell. A net loss of 15 million. We will never see a sequel, but we can always hope. If you played Grim Fandango or Monkey Island games you know the humor, mix this in with some great platforming (I miss you platforming) and you had a recipe for a under the radar gem.

6. Balloon Fight

Old school…. Most NES games we loved got a sequel or a shitty port onto the new generation. We here at Culture Wedge would love nothing more, than an updated version of Balloon Fight…. COMPLETE with an online function. Even if it were 2D (which we love still) this would be amazing. Balloon Fight 3D online would be a god send. Popping your buddy’s balloon and watching him fall to his death by the giant fish down below… a dream come true.

5. NFL Blitz

I know, I know. Blitz is still around. I don’t want Blitz the league tho, I want NFL Blitz. The best sports arcade game franchise of all time (sorry NBA Jam) and it sucks that Madden is the only game allowed to use the NFL license. Late hits were the best thing about the franchise, and now we can’t take runs at Tom Brady. Let’s hope the lockout ends and also hope we get options on our NFL games in the future.

4. Road Rash

My least favorite genre in all of video gaming is the racing game. I never had fun in any of them, and I always spun out on every turn. They lacked a certain amount of action, but that’s where Road Rash filled the void. They let you race your motorcycle and beat the shit out of each other with pipes and chains, it was great. Nowadays we can add multiple game styles, Online, the list goes on. The crashes would be far more spectacular, plain and simple, a new Road Rash would be a great party game…. GET IT MADE!

3. Killer Instinct

For a while we heard rumors of KI3 but nothing has come to fruition. One of the most Popular fighting game franchises of the 90’s only delivered 2 AMAZING fighting games, and then went away for good. I know that we are left in good hands right now with some very good fighting games, but Culture Wedge feels that its time for some new KI Tournaments. The long running feud between Glacius and Jago in my basement must continue into the new generation.

2. Wing Commander

If you’re on Culture Wedge you’re a nerd. If you’re a nerd who plays video games then you played Wing Commander growing up. Why do I know this? Because who didn’t want to fly around in a space ship with Mark Hamill. The story was great, the combat was awesome. I still think to this day Wing Commander is the best flight simulation game, better than X-Wing and Tie-Fighter. The series has been dead for a while, with no mention of it coming back. Flight Simulators have fallen on tough times, especially Sci-Fi Simulators. Culture Wedge feels that a new generation Wing Commander would start a frenzy and be a commercial success.

1. Half Life

Don’t worry, Half Life 3 is coming…….? I’m starting to wonder if that’s ever going to be the case. Half Life 2 came out 2004, and Half Life 2: Episode 2, the add on, has been over for over 3 years. They also left us with a cliff hanger ending and promised Episode 3. We wont get HL3 before we get HL2:Ep 3. I really crossed my fingers and followed E3 closely this year, hoping that they would FINALLY show some videos or announce some development in the Half Life series, but once again we got nothing. I am positive that we will see Half Life again in the future, but it doesn’t appear to be anytime soon, possibly 3 years or more if they aren’t even talking about it. Lets keep hoping we get some news from Valve to rejuvenate the best FPS game franchise of all time.

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3 Responses to top 10 game franchises we want to see reborn

  1. Byrd says:

    I forgot all about Dino Crisis.

    And why is “video game boobs” one of the tags?

  2. Trev says:

    What about Bump’N’Jump?

  3. Byrd says:

    What about Toe Jam And Earl?

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