culture wedge podcast: hell in a podcast – episode 1

In the first episode of Hell in a Podcast, Brad and Ryan discuss CM Punk’s shoot promo on Monday Night RAW, and the future of Punk in the WWE.  Also where does R-Truth go from here?  Is Alex Riley the next big face for RAW?  Why is Jack Swagger still on my TV?  We try and answer those questions and much much more (including why we hate TNA) on the world of wrestling.  Download, subscribe…CONSUME!!


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About Brad

I love what I love and I am who I am. I'm a nerd. Don't like it? Oh well.
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4 Responses to culture wedge podcast: hell in a podcast – episode 1

  1. Justin says:

    great stuff guys. can’t wait for the money in the bank preview. i’d like to guest on it, cause i have some ideas about whats going to happen.

    • Brad says:

      The MITB preview podcast may be the most heavily populated one we do on this site. We should just call it a roundtable since that’s basically what it’s going to be. It’ll be BYOM (bring your own mic) at the Michigan HQ

  2. Trev says:

    Good podcast. Is Brad in a bathroom?

    • Brad says:

      My living room has hardwood floors, tall ceilings and not a lot of things for sound to be absorbed by…leads to echos.

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