nfl overload? nba players gone? and sin cara

Are you ready for some football on Thursdays-all season?

According to a report in SportsBusiness Journal the NFL is in preliminary negotiations with Comcast and Turner to bring Thursday Night Football to your home as early as 2012. As you know Thursday night football isn’t something new to the NFL, but will it be to much of a good thing?

With Thursday nights being the most important night for ratings on network television , it leaves only cable networks as the logical choice to bid the reported 700 million dollars per year to broadcast games.  Comcast would love to add the NFL to their Verses network, while Turner would look to put games on either TNT,TBS or TruTV. ESPN wouldn’t likely be interested in Thursday night football because of college football on that night.  What other night would you like to watch South Florida vs Pittsburgh?

The networks will get ratings, the owners and players will get more revenue and the fans….the fans get the headache of setting their fantasy football line-up early, the tough task of explaining to their significant other that not only is the NFL on Sunday’s all day, Monday nights but also Thursday nights. Oh, also there is college football all day Saturday, the “honey due-list” could be quiet a bit longer come February. How much more stressful will the schedule makers job be in 2012?

Where are the NBA players?

In less than 12 hours could be pictures of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Joe Dumars and David Stern.  That’s because the NBA collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight and therefore all images and videos of current NBA players must be removed from

Sin Cara

When will Sin Cara get his act together? How many more times does he have to have a match on live television before he doesn’t have a noticeable mistake? I respect his athleticism and he is entertaining but his “getting used to the ring”excuse period must come to end.

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