he thinks he’s people!

I’m assuming the above video is suppose to take place after the machines revolt, turn us into batteries and plug us into the Matrix.  Apparently day-to-day robot life is about as dull as human life.  You go to your job, come home, feed the fish, and sit down to a depressing meal of shitty fast food.  But there’s a twist here….and it’s actually better than the one in the Village (bar is quite low…what can I say).

Apparently the robot bought, and got excited for a meal when he apparently has no mouth.
HA HA HA ROBOT! YOU CAN’T EAT THAT DELICIOUS CARL’S JR. CHICKEN SANDWICH!  Look at him try and smash it into his face!  Thankfully his programmers (before they were enslaved of course) gave him the sadness emotion so he could feel the pain of not being able to eat a horrible fast food chicken sandwich.  I mean honestly, I’m pretty sure he should be happy he can’t eat at Carl’s Jr.

Couple of questions arise from this commercial though.  Why do robots continue to make fast food in a society of other robots?  Are there robots that need food to survive?  Why would you even design a robot that needed food?  Why would a robot who obviously can’t eat torture himself by buying food?  Why is the robot sad he can’t eat when he’s never known the taste of a chicken sandwich in the first place? I DEMAND THESE ANSWERS CARL’S JR!! WHY IS YOUR ROBOT FUTURE SO FUCKED UP?!?!

Anyway…this commercial did bring some joy into my life.  Mainly from reminding me of another robot who was hilariously missing some crucial parts…

At least Homer’s robot had a mouth.  He probably crawled his sad unfinished body to Carl’s Jr. and ordered a chicken sandwich.  TAKE THAT SOPHISTICATED FUTURE ROBOT!!!

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3 Responses to he thinks he’s people!

  1. Trev says:

    All of your questions remind me of my main problem with the movie Cars = why, in a world where everyone is a living car, would auto racing be a popular spectator sport?

  2. Brad says:

    How about this…why are their passenger doors on the cars in Cars?

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