it’s a trap!

This video has been all over the internet already, but what kind of nerds would we be if we didn’t spotlight it here?  This parent obviously wants his child to lead a full and happy life so he’s teaching him some of life’s basics right off the bat.  Hopefully the next thing he’ll learn is that Han shot first.  Just for fun (and because it’s always awesome to watch) check out some of Admiral Ackbar’s greatest hits after the jump…

The original line that spawned countless t-shirts and internet memes….


Ackbar uses his trap finding skills and applies it to classic movies.  WHY DIDN’T SONNY LISTEN?!?!  WHY?!?!?


And finally Robot Chicken not only turns Ackbar’s catchphrase into a pitchline for cereal…


…but also lampoons an 80’s game show with similar results.


Admiral Ackbar…reason #1,248 why Star Wars is awesome.  May Lucas never turn you into CG for the 10,000th re-release.

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