the good, the bad, the wizards

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So there I was, looking through the site yesterday, and I noticed there was a lack of articles and posts in the art category. (Travesty!) In fact, there are zero. None. So, it’s my job to fix that. I’ll be bringing you all of my expertise in design so you can go to your friends and just repeat everything I say and look cool.  It’s okay, I give you permission.

Wait, is it nerds or hipsters that sit around and talk art and design? Damn, I think it’s hipsters. Oh well, no turning back, article already started.

This article will focus on the aesthetic decisions of recent sports logo changes.

The Good: Arizona State University

Where is the Devil? Where is the Devil?!?!?!

If you recall, Arizona State’s logo used to be this. A mischievous looking devil named Sparky. Now, I actually didn’t hate that logo. I always thought it was unique, especially with its color scheme. Plus, he’s a classic mark. But, I think I can speak for everyone that it works awesomely as a retro logo instead of the main focus of your college’s brand. This rebranding strategy, headed by Nike, brings ASU into the 21st century. The new brand is sharp, bold, and way more aggressive, which works much better than a cartoon.

Ahhhhhhhhh! He's on fire!

Oh, and they did new uniforms for all their sports. And my god, these new football uniforms are awesome. This is the alternate jersey, and I want it to be the main. Black helmet, black uniform, that sharp yellow in the number and shoulder, and the new mark in the helmet coming at you like Florida State.

You can see the rest of the uniforms, and more on the rebranding here.

The Bad: Mountain West Conference

Wait, what?

Ugh. Not that the old logo was anything to praise, but this is probably just as bad. If not worse. How is it worse, you ask. Well, let me tell you. CAUSE IT’S A BLATANT RIP OFF OF THE DR. WHO LOGO! Most designers are nerds (or hipsters), and both tend to watch Dr. Who (we’re heading into the land of assumption, so work with me here people). I don’t watch it, but I know enough about it that I know a IT’S LOGO IS BEING RIPPED OFF. And one of the designers had to know about this. They just had too. Here’s what I think happened.

Designer: Hey, uh, guys, I know we’re pretty far into this project, but this logo looks a lot like that Dr. Who logo.

Creative Director: What? God Damn it. It does. Who is this project for again?

Designer: Sports fans.

Creative Director: Oh. They’re idiots. Keep working.

Welcome to the Mountain West Conference

So, just like in high school, college, and basically everything else, if you’re caught cheating, you get an F. And I give this an F. However, in sports, cheating seems to be tolerated for some reason, so, I guess this will be around for awhile.

The Wildcard: The Wizards

Our wizard needs to be more American!

Ok. This is an odd one. When the Washington franchise changed it’s name from the Bullets to the Wizards in the 90’s, it went from the one of the best names not only in basketball, but in all of sports, to one of the most lamest names not only in basketball, but in all of sports. And with that new name change, came an even lamer logo (above, left. as if you needed that help). Now, that lame logo is getting a makeover! New color scheme? Check! New typography? Check! New logo? Ehhhh, not so much.

The new logo is different, but just slightly. The wizard is more condensed, but still sitting on that stupid basketball moon (The Basketball Moons is a better name than the wizards by the way). The current trend in the NBA aesthetically is to go retro. The Warriors did it. The 76ers did it.  The Jazz did it. Now, the Wizards. The problem with the Wizards is, how do you go retro when retro is a completely different team? The answer. Just pretend the name has been wizards all along.

kind of looks like a penis.

Here is their alternate logo, keeping the retro feel from the Bullets. The new jerseys also emulate the Bullets old uniforms. There is one really nice piece of design in this package. It’s another alternate logo, and it’s of a basketball (of course, what else would it be of) with the Washington Monument inserted inside of it.

Just make this the logo please!

I think it works real nice. One singular image instead of the 20 pieces that make up the wizard moon thingy. The colors work real well here, unlike the paint by color on the wizard moon mess. and lastly, this logo signifies more to the city of D.C. than the stupid Basketball Moon!

So, there you have it. The goodness of ASU, the awfulness of the Dr. West Conference, and the weird retro/not retro look of the Basketball Moons.

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3 Responses to the good, the bad, the wizards

  1. Brad says:

    Agree with everything here. Assuming the Big Ten Logo makes the next one?

    • Justin says:

      It might. I may change it up and do all different types of design from movie posters, to tv spots, to book jackets.

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