thank you, dallas

I am soooooooooooooooo getting laid tonight

Thank you, Dallas.

Thank you, for sparing us a summer of nonstop Miami Heat coverage. Every media outlet would have jumped over every little story about the Heat this summer, and it would have been sickening. Hell, the front page of today was why the Heat lost, instead of celebrating you, the NBA Champions.

Thank you, for validating the careers of the right kind of players. Jason Kidd, one of the most unselfish players to play in the NBA. Jason Terry, a starter on almost every team in the league, took a bench role for the better of the team.  Rick Carlisle, a coach who got bumped in Detroit during their championship run for a different coach. He stayed the course, and proved he could coach a title team. And of course, Dirk Nowitzki. A pure shooter, great leader, and all around fantastic player.

Thank you, for showing how much a team, can beat a collection of superstars. Reminiscent of the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons, Dallas played great team defense, spread out the offense, and can beat you in so many ways.

Thank you, for showing us more evidence of how much of a bitch LeBron is. What evidence you ask? Lets count. 1. The video of him and Wade making fun of Dirk. 2. Claiming his bad performance was on Rashard Lewis sleeping with his girlfriend. 3. Getting angry at reporters for asking questions. 4. Not congratulating the Mav’s on their victory, just like he did when he lost to San Antonio. 5. Disappearing in the 4th quarter. 6. A plus/minus of -24 in the most important game of his career. I could go on and on, and it would be fun, but lets move on.

Fuck. Yeah.

Thank you, for increasing the ego of Mark Cuban even more. He’s great for the NBA, and one of the smartest businessmen out there. It’s nice to see him get his.

Thank you, for showing us more evidence of how much of a bitch LeBron is. What? I already did this one? Well, uh, it is fun to say. LeBron is a bitch. In fact, lets just call him LeBitch.

Thank you, for giving us the nickname “LeBitch”

And thank you, for leaving a good taste in our mouths, by what is doomed to be spoiled by an NBA lockout.

Champion Dirk


Thank you, Dallas.

Thank you.



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1 Response to thank you, dallas

  1. Kopack says:

    Great job on your article Justin. I wonder if Mark Cuban got a fine for smoking on the private jet?

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