r-truth: portait of a genius

No words...

Let’s get this out-of-the-way right off the bat.  I’m a WWE nerd.  My Dad is to blame for this as he introduced me to wrestling back when Hulk Hogan, and Randy Savage were at the top of their game and fighting as the Mega Powers.  I’ve come a long way since those days to become the much more discerning wrestling fan I am today.  I don’t just root for the good guys and boo the bad guys.  I appreciate when a heel is so good he transcends into greatness and since it’s Monday and RAW is on tonight I figured today would be a great day to spotlight one such heel.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but…R-Truth is the best thing going in WWE today.

Now if you had told me two months ago that I’d be writing something PRAISING R-Truth I’d have told you to fuck off because you’re crazy.  Why is that?  Well THIS is what Truth’s gimmick used to be…

Just makes you want to jam sharp objects in your ears right?  The thing is THIS was his only gimmick for a few YEARS!  Seriously!  All he did was come out, sing his stupid god awful song and then generally get his ass kicked.  There was nothing I hated more than Truth coming on RAW or SmackDown!  It would make me visibly angry.  So what happened?  Only one of the greatest heel turns ever…

Yes you saw that right.  After beating the shit out of John Morrison, Truth grabs some cigarettes from a fan, lights one, and after smoking a bit blows smoke in his face as he lies on the ground.  All this while people are telling him to, “think of the children.”  Priceless.  Now while amazing, the turn is only as good as what you do after it, and Truth wouldn’t disappoint.

Yep, they went there.  Truth was now the crazy conspiracy guy.  While he did seem a little thrown off by the crowd’s “what” chants here, he would eventually find his path while upping the crazy little by little…

IT’S A CONSPIRACY!  FUCKING LITTLE JIMMY IS HOLDING R-TRUTH DOWN!  The comedy goldmine that was R-Truth slowly descending into madness was becoming a weekly treat on RAW, and just when you thought he couldn’t top himself…this happens (watch both videos…trust me you are watching the work of a genius)

If you are not entertained by that, I don’t know what more you could really ask for.  Just look at the things he did in that promo.

  • “Good R-Truth” gives the Hitman shades to a kid, them promptly destroys his dreams by taking them away
  • He threatens to beat the shit out of Bret Hart (always a great thing)
  • Gives Bret the “crazy eyes” after being called a lunatic
  • After John Cena shows us how NOT to be funny, Truth comes back with “Used ta is a roosta from Brewsta”  GOLD!
  • Truth then goes on a rant about fans buying John Cena merchandise and just when you think he couldn’t get crazier ends with the line, “I WANT MY SON BACK!” and just gives a crazy look.

ARE YOU SEEING HOW GREAT THIS SHIT IS?!?! Who knew this genius was living inside of R-Truth?  Where was this before?!?!  It couldn’t possibly get any better could it?

Yes…it could. I’m pretty sure I could watch an entire two-hour RAW consisting of just Truth walking around screaming randomly about conspiracies and flipping out whenever he saw something with Cena’s face on it.  Did you think he was done though?  Oh no no no no…

I can’t express enough on how awesome all of this is.  LITTLE JIMMY AND JOHN CENA ARE HOLDING R-TRUTH DOWN!  It’s honestly sad that all of this awesomeness is wasted going back and forth with Cena, who is clearly overmatched in the promo department here.  Cena tries to be funny but you can’t be funny at all when you have this pile of crazy in the ring with you.  Then came this last week on RAW and shit went to a whole different level…

Yes…R-Truth came to the ring dressed as a Confederate soldier and said he was seceding from the WWE Universe.  A black man dressed as a Confederate…in the South.  Truth just keeps taking it to another level.  I half expect him to show up on RAW tonight naked and yelling about how John Cena put ghosts in his clothes.

The thing that makes it so great is that you can tell Truth is having a lot of fun doing what he’s doing.  I’m pretty sure he was as sick of his “What’s Up” rapping character as we all were (save for the Little Jimmy’s who just loved to sing and dance with Truth).  One great thing about wrestling is seeing a performer get the right gimmick at the right time and just running with it to perfection.  It doesn’t happen often (especially lately) but that’s what we’re seeing right now from R-Truth.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy it though…because the brightest stars burn quickly, and after his (probably inevitable) loss to John Cena on Sunday who knows how long this version of Truth is going to be around and doing amazing things each week on RAW.

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2 Responses to r-truth: portait of a genius

  1. Justin says:

    This is amazing. I haven’t watched RAW in awhile, but I never thought I’d say that R-Truth would bring me back. This is gold! When he drops the line “I Want My Son Back!” is priceless

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