nerd christmas: APPLE FTW!

He’s looking into your SOUL!

Let’s start this off with a little background information.  I’m an Apple guy.  I have had an iPod since the first iPod video came out.  I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G launched and bought a MacBook Pro when I was finally able to afford a Mac a couple of years back (in fact I’m typing this post on my Mac right now).  I love Apple products and will tout their greatness from the rooftops.

All that being said, there is always room for improvement and with no new iPhone announcement at WWDC, Steve Jobs and company had to bring it with software…and boy did they do just that.

The Good

iOS5: FINALLY YOU’RE FIXING [INSERT THING HERE] – I love my iPhone 4.  It is a fantastic piece of machinery and besides AT&T occasionally being terrible I really don’t have any major complaints.  However, there are some things that have bothered me about the iOS.  The notifications are awful (and better on a Droid or a jailbroken iPhone).  It shouldn’t take me forever to open the camera, and could I have a physical shutter button?  Why isn’t there a BBM like system for Apple?  Why do I have to update my phone via computer? Can’t I just post to twitter thru the photo app? All these were legitimate gripes about the iPhone (and iPad) software.  Well we can’t bitch about it anymore.


So um is there something in Apple products that allows them to read our minds?  I say this because all those gripes listed above are being fixed in iOS5.  GET OUT OF MY HEAD APPLE!  A brand new notification system that doesn’t pop up in the middle of the damn screen.  A camera that uses the volume button as a shutter button AND can be accessed from the home screen.  iMessage which basically murders the only thing Blackberry really had going for it (for those saying “well it has a physical keyboard,” please go back to the stone age where you belong).  You can use twitter in pretty much every app, and I think it has an app that cures all disease…can’t confirm that last part as I blacked out after my nerdgasm over all this stuff.  The thing is, there is so much more in this update.  200(!) different things are being upgraded or added in this update making it the biggest ever for an iOS upgrade.  Granted a lot of these things should have been fixed years ago, but it doesn’t really stop my excitement to have all this in my already awesome iPhone.  All I have to say is…WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE FALL FOR THIS?  WANT NOW PLEEZ!!! Speaking of things that should have been done awhile ago…

iCloud: Why wasn’t this done years ago? – The other “big” announcement out of this keynote was iCloud.  Basically it does a bunch of things we should have been able to do years ago.  You take a picture on your iPad or iPhone, it goes up to the cloud and you can just grab it on any other Apple device.  No need to connect things with a cable anymore.  Contacts, photos, e-mails…all that will live in the cloud with instant access anywhere.  FINALLY.

Here’s the kicker though, a new cloud enabled iTunes.  At first Apple said that all your purchased music would be in the cloud automatically and you could access it from anywhere you have iTunes.  This sounded cool, but what about all the music we pirated bought legally from other services or ripped from CD’s?  Well for $25 a year Apple will scan all the music in your library and give you a shiny DRM-free AAC iTunes version up in the cloud with the ability to access it anywhere, just like your iTunes purchased music.  If the song doesn’t exist in the iTunes store (*cough*AC/DC*cough*) then they’ll upload that song to the cloud.  It’s that easy.  Wait a minute…so people can effectively launder their pirated music for $25 a year?  I know what you’re thinking….

But I don’t think so.  I mean there’s no real way to tell if you pirated a song or just ripped it from a CD, or at least not an easy one.  I think this may just be a moment where the record companies are looking to at least get SOMETHING for all the music downloaded illegally.  Apple offers them a percentage of the subscription fees and instead of getting $0 they get some money.  Sounds like as big of a win as you can get for the RIAA.

The Bad

Nothing – I mean there were only three announcements (the last of which I’ll get to in a second) and there was nothing really stupid or bad in any of it.

The “Meh”

Mac OS X Lion: Yay? – Apple also dropped the details on their new operating system which will be available shortly as well.  While it does add a few cool functions (including the ability to make your Mac run like an iPad) there wasn’t really anything that made me go “I definitely need to download that Day One.”  It was just a nice software tweak.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Meh.


AWWWEEEESSOOMMMEEEEE – I’m pretty jacked for pretty much everything Apple brought to the table here.  I’m already using the iTunes cloud in its beta stage, and my friends and I are salivating over the new features in iOS5.  Hell, I work with a lot of non-nerds and THEY are freaking out over the new features in iOS5.  If that’s not a testament to how much Apple nailed this I don’t know what is.  Bravo Steve Jobs.  Bravo.

Next: Sony

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