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file photo from culture wedge hq (IT COMES WITH FREE PIZZA ROLLS AND SADNESS!)

So it’s come to this, another place on the internet where nerds write about random stuff.  The question I suppose is why are you reading this, and why are we writing it?  The answer is quite frankly we have nothing better to do.  I mean isn’t this what the internet was invented for?  For nerds to make jokes and write stupid stuff?  WHERE ELSE CAN WE FINALLY SETTLE THE KIRK VS. PICARD DEBATE?!?! But I digress….

Since this is the general “meet the author” post I’ll give a little background on myself.  I work in sports TV which is a pretty awesome gig if you can get it.  I spend my days wearing t-shirts and jeans and watching sports for a living.  I spend my sparetime being a gamer and watching movies for the most part.  I wear my nerd cred on my sleeve (literally as I have a Zelda tattoo on one forearm and a Star Wars tattoo on the other one) and have gotten to the point in my life where I’ve just stopped caring whether people joke about the things I love.  I will be spending my time on this site writing about the things that just need to be shared in public.  What those things are I don’t really know, but I’ll think of something…hopefully.

culture wedge (all lower case…so edgy), is basically going to be a labor of love because let’s be honest, there’s not going to be any money in this.  We’re just a few nerds who like to write about things that interest us and hopefully you, the reader, find some entertainment in it at times.  If not, well at least you can leave some snarky comments!  That’s a win right?  Enjoy!

About Brad

I love what I love and I am who I am. I'm a nerd. Don't like it? Oh well.
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