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a collection of Star Wars rape vans

  Notice how the van says ‘Force’ instead of Ford? Yeah, I thought that was awesome, too. I’d totally trust the owner.

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the killing was worthwhile!

I’m not ashamed to say I unabashedly enjoyed the entire season of the Killing. Yep, even the finale. I’d like to note that I sat down to write this a few days ago, before Trev launched his new column in … Continue reading

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the nerd guide on how to score hot babes this weekend

Are you sick of spending your weekend nights on internet message boards, complaining about how Hollywood keeps messing up your favorite Superhero Movies? Starting to get a little rusty in Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons? Well let me … Continue reading

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happy birthday, ray harryhausen: special effects titan

So I know just last week I posted a tribute to Bruce Campbell in honor of his birthday.  Trust me, I don’t plan on being the culture wedge guy who just posts about people’s birthdays, but I couldn’t NOT make … Continue reading

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breaking dawn part one trailer breakdown: really? this is popular?

For the love of God please don’t watch the video above.  It’s almost like the Ark in Raiders as it may melt off your face.  I have done the heavy lifting for you by forcing myself to watch this trailer … Continue reading

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nfl overload? nba players gone? and sin cara

Are you ready for some football on Thursdays-all season? According to a report in SportsBusiness Journal the NFL is in preliminary negotiations with Comcast and Turner to bring Thursday Night Football to your home as early as 2012. As you know … Continue reading

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federer loses, era over?

I know what you’re thinking, “a tennis post? really?” Well sorry fans, that’s exactly what you’re getting, especially since it could be a significant day for the sport. Roger Federer, arguably the best of all-time, lost today in the Wimbledon … Continue reading

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a facetious breakdown of ufc 132

UFC 132 is set to take place this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The main event is a a re-match showdown between the bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and the former featherweight champion Urijah Faber.  … Continue reading

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jeff goldblum’s black daughter, #1 – in defense of megan fox

I’m not sure if you ever noticed, but people aren’t very nice on the Internet. Heck, just recently a review I wrote for the Green Lantern movie, in which I thought I fairly and rationally explained my problems with the … Continue reading

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reason why Star Wars is awesome #5,483

I just came across this today on AOL. Zev and Frani Esquenazi are Star Wars fans. Not just regular Star Wars fans, dedicated ones. They build props, recreate costumes, and they’ve named their 4 month old daughter after Princess Leia … Continue reading

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